Friday, April 24, 2009

ultimate nerddom

I had a dream that I wrote the most PERFECT and short blog entry, just in the nick of time before I left for my LARP (we'll get into that later, but start snickering now). Whatever I wrote, it was witty, insightful and relevant... to what I'm unsure. Here, in waking hours, I have no frigging idea what I wrote about.

ALAS, as I squander the time I should be using to shower, get decent and trek to my parent's house to find last season's mask, I sit and drink a Pepsi, reveling in the upcoming excitement! It's LARP weekend!!!

If you are unsure of what a LARP is, it is Live Action Role Playing. The ultimate in nerddom.
Typically four times a year (three this year.. boo) we gather at Camp Piomingo to indulge in fictional storylines and lives. Not once this weekend, from 10pm Friday until 6am Sunday will I be Cary. Nor will I sleep at all Saturday night.

I would love to post more, but with out witnessing the continuation of the storyline, I have nothing more to add. Sunday, however, you will get to see the few images I will take and hear a smidgen more about my nerdiness. Whether you're interested or not, or just really want something to laugh about, you'll have it soon.


Organic Meatbag said...

I will smite thee with my +3 sword of deception and my potion of giant strength! Hey, I used to play D&D, so I can relate, OK?

Guillermo de la Varner said...

Holy fucking shit! I don't even know what to say. That is the nerdiest shit I have ever heard of. It's good to hear that some are still allowed in Otter Creek Park since it has closed.
This is what I love about blogs though, most of those I have met via blogdom, you get to know the person first, their issues and their happiness. If I sat next to you and you started talking about this trip, I would probably unfairly judge you. Same goes for COle and Baka, two that I would run from if we just met somewhere. Between Baka and his Dragonball Z and Cole with her coked out crazy bitch persona, it would be a lot to swallow at first.
I know you probably don't know these people, but you will if you keep blogging around here, Meaty and myself found you, you are not safe here.

Cole Buzan said...

No, you are not safe. I know some LARPers. Are they called LARPers? That sounds like Leper. *laughs* Damn.

I was invited to one of these events around this time last year. My buddy Erin LARPs.

I can not see myself EVER participating but I would love to be a spectator.

Most people judge the LARPer but do not realize that they are usually pretty cool cats. Those I know are.

Fuck, you Billy. I am not an addict! *foams at the mouth*

Guillermo de la Varner said...

I know you are not an addict, but the first response you left on my blog was scary as shit. Glad I didn't run though, it has been good times.

Guillermo de la Varner said...

By the way, if you ever plan on starting a band, anyone. THese word verifications make some awesome band names. For example: Expoonsi...those guys rock!

Magic 8 Ball Boobs said...

I accidentally LARP'ed once while working at Executive West during the now-defunt Rivercon.

Yay nerdiness!

Magic 8 Ball Boobs said...

I mean "Defunct" not "defunt"

Cole Buzan said...

What was my first response? I am so not going back through that with out my line of coke. You are a piss ant, Billy. I want to hump your leg.